Friday, January 17, 2014

We Were Good Fish Parents

I’ve blogged about my college roommate before… we had a marvelous little house in good ‘ol Waco, Tx.

I haven’t blogged about the fish tank in the house.

We loved our little fish tank and we loved the little fish we put in the fish tank. However, we were somewhat bougie about the fish we put in the fish tank. 

We didn’t want goldfish, 
We didn’t want beta, 
We wanted something awesome, 
that could say "See ya lata!"

Just kidding. Not a Dr. Seuss story. Actually, here is your fair warning that there are pictures of dead and almost dead fish ahead.

We were good fish parents for the most part… and had a couple fish for at least a year!

One time we got a shark… his name was Bruce – yup Finding Nemo - and that night we had a birthday party at the house for a friend. We got Bruce that afternoon and in the middle of the party someone said, “I think your shark is dead.” And there was Bruce… belly up. He lasted 4 hours. We didn’t get another shark.

One time we had a catfish… her name was Kitty – we’re real original with names – and Kitty was cool! We had her for a whole semester… but then there was Christmas break and we left Kitty at the house. We also turned the heat off at the house… because no one would be there. We figured Kitty would be fine just eating…. well stuff around the tank? We did not consider how cold it would get in the house……. And therefore, Kitty froze to death. RIP Kitty, we will take the blame for that one.

One time we got an eel…. It’s name was Eelie – still original folks – and Eelie was our longest lasting fish by far! Eelie lived for a very long time until one fateful night. The college roomie woke up around 4 am and needed some water. She went to the kitchen and stepped on something…. She bent down to pick it up and freaked out when it moved…. If you haven’t guessed by now… it. Was. Eelie. He had flung himself out of his tank home and somehow made it 6 feet into the kitchen. We were not aware of Eelie’s deep depression or his suicidal tendencies. She put Eelie back in his home and waited until morning. When we all woke up we did everything we could to save Eelie. We tried fish cpr… we googled it... seriously. And I skipped class, because I was dedicated to making sure that Eelie would live despite his own actions. In the end, we were unsuccessful. It was a rough day in the house of Rocky, but we planned and executed a beautiful memorial… around the toilet.

Happy Friday everyone!!

**events from this blog may not necessarily be in chronological order.  

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