Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Conquered

I haven’t done a weekend conquered in a while… but this weekend was definitely conquered.

Duck Dude’s friend Dallas always has his birthday get together (do we still call them birthday parties now that we’re adults?) at his Aunt’s ranch. And I have officially decided that there is literally nothing better in the entire world than sitting around a campfire all day and night. We had four wheelers and UTVs drove all around the land. By the end of the weekend I even drove through the creek!!

We ate smoked brisket and mashed potatoes and hot dogs and chili and cole slaw and I gained back most of those 3.6 pounds I lost last week… but the weekend just flew by because time flies when you’re having a blast. And I already want to do it. All. Over. Again. 

 - Being complimented on "you can tell who the country girls are"
 - Talking about terrorists and having a can explode in the fire at the most perfect time ever
 - Shooting skeet and having the bruises to prove it, also not being totally terrible at it
 - Dancing to get back in the car is always a fun game
 - Having a headlamp serve as your light source all night
 - Being out in the middle of a field and jammin' out
 - Shooting Santa with an AR 223 
 - Blowing up a refrigerator only to have the door come off and come flying near you
 - the fact that we're gonna have an awesome GoPro video to commemorate it all!

With the birthday boy!

We're the best group of best friends there ever was. 

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