Monday, January 13, 2014

January Babies

I am dedicating this post to 2 of my most favorite people in the world. My momma and my Duck Dude! My moms birthday was yesterday and Duck Dude's birthday is today!!! So I'm going to tell you why they (yup, combined) are so special to me.

1. They both love me even though I'm as stubborn as a pig wallering in mud. Have you ever tried to get a pig out of mud? Neither have I.. But I bet it's difficult.. So yeah, a pig wallering in mud.

2. They both love my cooking. My momma cause she's the one that taught me and Duck Dude because he doesn't turn down much (that's not a fat joke babe, that's a "you claim every meal is your new favorite" joke).

3. They can both make me smile with a perfectly timed text, phone call, or snail mail. (Like yesterday we took two cars to church and Duck Dude gave the Starbucks guy a card to give to me when I pulled up next...... That was probably the mushiest thing I've ever typed on this blog) and mom always sends the most perfect cards in the mail! She's the reason why one of my revolutions is to send out more letters!!

4. They are two of the most selfless people I know. They would do anything for anyone.

5. They're both turning 27!!!! My old man and my young momma!!

God bless January babies!!

Duck Dude's birthday in 2011!!

The red head and mom yesterday!! 


  1. I want to meet this Duck Dude! Come visit me?

    1. A quick flight to SoKo? It'll be like NoRo... but totally different!! Missss you!