Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vaseline Spray and Go

The coolest thing about the coaches office is we're all really good at sharing things! We share the Keurig, we share the responsibility of having to answer 632 questions every morning, we share creamer, we share 1 computer, and thanks to my momma we're all currently sharing Vaseline's Spray and Go!!

I have the yellow one. It smells good, it goes on fast for those quick 5 minute changes... Although I need to master it like the girl in the commercial..., and it doesn't leave my hands feeling like I need to wash them (does anyone else always wash their hands after putting on lotion?).

And I leave the office and head to my classroom without having to worry if my legs are ashy or not!!
**this is not a sponsored ad.... I really love this stuff!! If anyone tries the green or brown one let me know!

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