Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bachelor Parties!!

Last night started the Bachelor season of Juan Pablo, or JuaPa, as I like to call him! 

And before I do not do a recap and just talk about food and drank, let's look at my Bachelor/ette watching history. 

I watched maybe the first 3 seasons and then became bored. So I took a hiatus... until season 10.. which was Andy Baldwin - An Officer and A Gentlemen. I watched the season sporadically, but enough to know who the guy was, and enough to know when he came to Baylor I wanted to try and see him. I had class until 3:50 and he was "speaking" until 3:30 and then there was a "meet and greet" type deal until 4. My red head and I decided we would go anyway and at the very least hope to get a free cookie out of the deal. Well, we walked right in and there was no one there and so we started chattin' it up with Andy. This picture ensued and then he started asking me about the "hot spots" in Waco (there's about 2 I would actually take him). 

We met up a little later that night and had a drink AND lived happily ever after.... he was as dumb as rock. Seriously, the conversation was horrible. I mean he's a doctor and all, but common sense, he has none. So when Miss Texas showed up as she was "passing through", I called it a night and said I had school in the morning. But ever since then, I've been fascinated entertained by the show and watch it as a guilty pleasure type thing. 

Cue JuaPa and all his latin glory. For the past 3 seasons, I have had a group of girls... and now Duck Dude.. who come over to watch the Bachelore/ette on Mondays! It's glorious. For JuaPa's opener I decided I needed to go with a little latin theme. So I made sangria and seven layer dip, super easy. 

Sangria - 1 lime, 1 lemon, 1 carton of raspberries, 1 bottle of red wine, 5 cups of gingerale (I suggest not getting sweet red, the gingerale is sweet enough!) The longer you let it sit in the fridge, the better it gets! I suggest about an hour!

The Seven Layer Dip is quick and simple! I don't know if I actually use seven layers, but I still call it that!
1. Refried Beans
2. Sour Cream (taco dip and green onions mixed into it)
3. Guacamole (or just avocado)
4. Cheese
5. Black Olives (on top)
6. Tomatoes (on top)
...... That's six. I know some people put hamburger meet in there... but we were just eating it as an appetizer, so I chose to leave that one out! I've made this for myself and Duck Dude and I've also made it for an entire party. I didn't put amounts down, because it's just however much you need!

Do you see my pi/e plate? Get it? Math teacher got jokes!! 

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