Saturday, January 4, 2014

A little Competition

Weight is a sensitive issue.

And yet year after year, people make resolutions to lose weight. Here's the thing, I believe if people would resolve to live life healthy, the losing weight thing would come naturally.

However, for the first time probably ever... I've realized I need to lose weight. Not because I'm fat, not because it's the New Year, but because I am not as healthy as I would like to be!

So we've set up a little competition... Because I like to be competitive and nothing motivates me like the fear of losing.
Duck dude and me vs his sister and bro in law.
Here's the 4 of us at their wedding in August! 

Here's the jist of it all:
Deadline: March 21st
Winnings: $100 date night of the winners choosing
Check ins: monthly incentives for the individual who has lost the biggest percentage

We will do bi-monthly weigh ins that will be visible to the others via the spreadsheet that Duck Dude created.

We also all have fit bits flexs! They are so awesome! My favorite part is where it shows you how you're sleeping!

We can see how far each person has walked and taunt cheer each other on!!

Did you have a New Years weight resolution? What are some ways you're gonna make sure you stick to it? Or are you gonna have a revolution and revolt against something?

Healthy 2014..... Here we come!!

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