Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"You Look Tired"

I am #blessed beyond measure with having the privilege of constantly battling allergies. I, currently, have been on 7 different kinds of medications and I still use a box of Kleenex a day.. like packed a box to go with me over the weekend. With that being said, I am also #blessed with dark circles underneath my eyes. Even when I get 8+ hours of sleep. Put those two things together and wa-bam, I look like I’ve been beat up and people feel the need to comment on it.

“You look tired.”
“I’m not! I actually got 9.5 hours of sleep last night and feel awesome, so thanks!”

“Do you have a black eye?”
“No. But you’re about to!”

“You look tired.”
“Well you see, I live this double life and I spend my nights saving the world. So yes, it is tiring… but someone has to do it.”

“You look tired.”
“You don’t look any better.”

“You look tired.”
“Oh so my 3 layers of concealer, pressed powder, and bronzer didn’t work? Thanks for pointing that out.”

“You look tired.”
“You look like you’ve birthed 3 kids and completely let yourself go.”

“You look tired.”
“When you are as magnificent as I am, sometimes you do not have time to sleep… you just roll around in glitter and think about how phenomenal your life is!”

Don’t tell someone they look tired. Just don’t. And if you do, expect one of these responses. 

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