Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pancake Stack

I would like to start off this post with a quick clarification. I was not just listing random inappropriate things to do at a wedding. Everything I listed actually happened. At the wedding. We were at on Friday. In real life.

Now onto the regular scheduled program! The other day I was filling out a survey. This was a question:
If you were a pancake in a stack of 3 pancakes, which one would you be and why?

My answer? The top one, obviously. First off, I am the oldest of 3 girls... so I'm used to being first. I am also a perfectionist (a typical characteristic of the oldest child), so I like to be on top or the best at everything I do! I also like to climb things.. like mountains... or trees.. anything to get up higher than where I am. The top pancake is the highest pancake from the ground. That would be me.

Since I was texting Duck Dude at the time, I decided to ask him the same question. He replied with an answer and he also said you would be the top one! This sparked an idea. I thought to myself... I bet I could predict what most of my friends/family will say based upon their personality! And so that led me to text my family a random question about pancakes. Here are my results!

Prediction: Middle, cause I just know.
Answer: Middle for me! Always the middle. I see you as the top.

Two points for mom and me!

Red Head Sister
Prediction: Middle as well, cause she's the middle child in every way! (And happy birthday sister!!!!!!)
Answer: Lol... middle! Then you have support from the top and bottom pancake and you don't get all soggy!

The Blonde Sister
Prediction: The bottom... and she'll have some crazy reason
Answer: The bottom one because then I will probably be warm and maybe I won't get eaten!

Duck Dude
Prediction: I knew he wouldn't pick the top.. I was stuck on if he'd pick the middle or the bottom... so I guessed middle. 
Answer: I would be the bottom pancake. I have always taken the weight off of others by bearing their struggles. And I like to snuggle. You would be the top so you wouldn't be trapped and have the easiest escape route.

Dang it. A wrong one. Sorry boyfriend... I'll work on knowing you better.

My Best, Julie
Prediction: Julie was the other difficult one. I was struggling between the top and the middle. She's the middle child, but is super ocd and a perfectionist like me! I ultimately thought she'd pick the top.
Answer: Don't laugh!! The bottom's too mushy! The middle gets butter on both sides!

Oh man.. another wrong one. But I did say she was difficult! ha

Prediction: Easy, top. He's too much like me.
Answer: The top one cause that one gets covered in syrup and I like syrup.

My Duet Partner, Kristen
Prediction: Middle, cause she wouldn't be the top or bottom.. just the middle.
Answer: I would be the middle pancake.... because I love to cuddle, and in the middle you get the most cuddles!! Also, the perfect amount of syrup oozes to the middle layer without overwhelming it!!

Bro in Law
Prediction: Top. He's a go-getter.
Answer: If the other two pancakes were female, I'd be in the middle, obviously. If the other two pancakes were male, I'd be on top, again obviously (always the alpha pancake). If there was a male and a female, I'd force the other male to the bottom and still be on top (still alpha pancake).

I didn't know we were assigning genders to the pancakes, but I'm gonna say Bro in Law answered top two out of three scenarios... so I was right!

Prediction: Top... I'm not sure why... but top.
Answer: Easy. On top. I like to be first and I want the view.

Woah... it's like we're related or something. I like the view too dad.

So there ya have it! I got 5 out of 7 correct and I really loved reading all of their responses!
What pancake would you be? Do you think you could correctly predict your friends' answers?

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