Monday, June 3, 2013

The results are in...

Every year I give a survey at the end of the year. It's a time where my students can give me feedback. Some of the feedback is hilarious and some of it is a reminder of why I teach. Enjoy.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to a student who is going to be in my class?
-            Actually yell during the songs (She likes it!)
-           Mind your ps and qs and keep a low profile
-           Do what she says the first time… or she will repeat herself… a lot
-         Behave. Work hard. Be nice. Trust me, if you do all of these, Ms. Lindstrom will make math the most fun class ever.
-         Keep an open mind about math. I’ve always hated the subject, but this year it was fun and I grew to like it more.
-         Take good notes. They will help in the future.
-        Don’t worry about a thing, you’re fine. Ms. Lindstrom is the bomb.
-        Get ready to sing in front of everyone!
-        Do not talk. She will go kung-fooey on your hiney!
-        Don’t get on your non-existent bad side.
-        Don’t take advantage of your privileges.

What is one thing your learned the most?
-        I’m pretty good at the PT now! J
-        You don’t really like the word shut up and you have REALLY good hearing!

On a scale of 1-10, how helpful was I as a teacher (10 very helpful, 1 not helpful at all)
-          27
On a scale of 1-10, how much fun was my class?
-          13,759
-          10!  (Sidenote: I just taught them about factorials!)

One helpful suggestion to make me a better teacher:
-          Don’t play piano music
-         Try not to do odd stuff. Ex: Friday Tradition
-         We had a laid back environment and everyone knew limits and didn’t push them, not a d-hall was given out.
-          You are like a pro. No need to change. Seriously.
-          Class punishment for s word should be sit in the hallway with a dunce cap.
-          None. You are the perfect image of a teacher. (these are anonymous, but I couldn’t agree more!)
-          You are amazing, just the way you are (apparently Bruno Mars is in my class)

One thing you will remember about my class:
-           Group work. Like actually getting to work together.
-         You get to watch her make a fool of herself when she shows you music videos
-         That the teacher tried her best to make it less boring.

That's all kiddos. See ya next year. 

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