Thursday, May 30, 2013

Toast to May

Um, I know I just did toast to April last week. I had a slight panic moment when I realized I needed to write this post and thought to myself... I didn't even make any notes in my phone!! Good thing I'm a better note taker than I thought. So here it is! My toast to May:

Here's to construction at the airport. Traffic at 9:30 pm is awesome!

Here's to taking random Mondays off. Because of this, I am proposing a 4 day school week!!

Here's to brown sugar. Because it makes recipes just that much better.

Here's to patios. I feel they are under appreciated in this world.

Here's to cousins. They are not under appreciated. I love them and our Facebook message thread. Aka the CTU.
Here's to first meetings in front of all my friends after a Rangers Game. "Dad, this is duck dude." 

Here's to awkward moments of conversation. "So, Heat or Pacers?" 

Here's to mini coopers speeding past you like they're camaros. Uh, little man syndrome much?

And last... but certainly not least.
Here's to summer. It is SO nice to see you. 

Hello June!

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