Monday, May 20, 2013

Littlest Lindstrom

Today, I am having my very first guest blogger. Who? Caroline. The littlest and blondest sister. Why? Well, 1. Because she's still in Waco and I'm starting to forget what she looks like and 2. Because most of the time she's pretty funny and I thought it'd be a good idea to just let her ramble for a while. When I first texted her with the idea, she said "I have no idea what I'd write about" and within the next 15 minutes she texted me and said "Holy cow, I'm off on a tangent!" Welcome to the world of blogging. So here she is in her blogging debut: 

Guest blog from the littlest Lindstrom who is a part of the 3 percent of Baylor students still in Waco. I’m currently working at a library, which is clearly abandoned with finals coming to a close, so I have ample time to write down what goes on in the mind of Caroline. When I’m not reading Les Mis, my current obsession, and catching up on all the shows I missed this semester, I have caught myself daydreaming about everything this week. What triggered most of my pondering was something I read in Les Misérables, “Prejudice is the real robber, and vice is the real murderer.” My interpretation of this was that unreasonable attitudes and wicked or immoral behavior can steal. Maybe not physically, but emotionally.
            I don’t see the point of getting angry anymore, or possibly I’m just too lazy to get angry. This mostly came to me now that I am in college and maybe this is the “growing up” adults speak of. I think of myself as a carefree individual, and would hope that is what others see me as too. I do not get worked up easily, nor cry hardly ever. My sisters joke with me that I need a new soul, but the last time I was at Walmart they were out. I think too many people let their unreasonable attitudes get the best of them. And I mean that literally. So many girls, maybe guys too, let themselves get so frazzled over such a minute situation that their day is ruined. I just want to ask why? Life will go on with spray paint stained driveways, dishes in the sink and unfolded blankets in the den. Don’t get me wrong, I like a clean house too, but messy roommates is not something I would let ruin my sophomore year. However my other two roommates are trying to start World War 3 with condescending eye rolls and nasty text messages. I am sorry that I might be robbing them of happiness, but I am also sorry for them. These girls have just about everything in the world besides the ability to play nice. In fact, I think they actually look for things to get mad about. This is when my mom would say, “Well Caroline, Happiness is not found in people, places or things, but in a relationship with Jesus Christ.” What I have to say is, “I’m moving out.” Their intolerance for any sort of fun has acted as the vice that murdered our friendship. And I hate that. I would love to put our differences aside and talk things out, but that would require them to come out of their rooms and acknowledge us as they speed walk to their cars.
            I realize now how blessed I am to have two older sisters who don’t allow unreasonable attitudes. If by chance there is something bothering one of us we just say it. There is no point to hold things in and let it eat you up inside. Ergo we are three of the closest sisters you will meet. The world is full with too many adventures to explore, flowers to smell and pictures to take to be “Les Misareble”. All in all, the time you spend upset is time that is wasted. Be excellent to each other, and party on.


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