Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Allergy Life

This is how most of my days begin. A text from my momma saying "the cotton seed is high today" or "the pollen count is high today" or "the 34 other things you're allergic to are high today". Ah, the life. The snotty, drainage running down your throat, constant sinus headache life. The life where you literally have to say to your students, "Quit saying 'bless you' ... I've been blessed and it's not helping so just stop!" That's because I sneeze about 14 times in a period. When this is your life, you try anything. Cue -- Kick Ass Allergy. 

Hold up. Did Mollie just curse? Yes. Yes I did (and already asked for forgiveness D-Mommy!). I swear by this stuff. It is made by Wish Garden Herbs and is just that.. a whole bunch of herbs thrown together in a very disgusting brown liquid. But it stops my sneezing and gives me enough relief to make my day a little better. You put 3-4 squirt things (what's the technical name for that thing?) into 6 oz of water or gatorade and just chug it. I know I'm real bad when usually the first time I cannot taste it because I can't taste anything.    It's sorta expensive, 13 dollars for the bottle, but I will be heading back to Sprouts asap because I just ran out. 

They have a lot of other Kick Ass things as well, but I've only tried the allergy one. But I would be willing to bet a whole box of Kleenex's that Kick Ass Immune and Kick Ass Sinus will work too. I also want to try Cramp Relief... but that's a whole 'nother post. Hey mom, you should try Hot Flash (soothing tonic)... just saying.

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