Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Conquered.

My three expectations were definitely filled over the weekend. And now I am starting a 4 day week. Hooray! I decided to give three bullet points for each day of the weekend... and maybe a picture or two. I have got to get better at taking pictures.... and including myself in them. 

Friday: Duck Dinner
  • I love conversing with adults. I am thankful my parents forced me to be able to hold my own in an adult conversation. 
  • I still do not consider myself an adult, even though I am almost a quarter of a century.
  • I honestly enjoyed listening to all these different people (contractors, vets, accountants, VPs) talk about their passion for raising ducks.
Saturday: Lake Day
  • I might be biased, but my friends and family are the most fun people to be around.
  • We only got caught in the rain for about 3 minutes when it was a 40% chance. I like those odds.
  • My blonde lil bit needs to work on her tubing skills. They were not up to par. 
Sunday: Nicest Lake house I've ever been to Day
  • Lake House doesn't cut it... it was like a resort. With separate little villas.
  • I spent most of my time laying on the dock. The breeze and sun were an excellent combo.
  • Is there anything more relaxing then sitting in a big comfy chair around a fire pit?

Sunday: Horse Racing Day

  • My boyfriend wore his thrift shop, supposed to be for Bingo shirt to the horse races and looked like a Las Vegas tourist with his binoculars around his neck. 
  • That was my first time to ever bet on anything in my life. 
  • Yes, I picked by my favorite names. Prancy Fancy, Wimbolden Star, Smarty Carol to name a few.

Told you. Weekend conquered.

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