Friday, May 3, 2013

I think we need the cargo bag..

It's FRIDAY!!!!!

And as soon as that bell rings at 3:25 I am headed to Oklahoma!! Most of the time I would not be excited about leaving the great state of Texas.... but I am headed to meet my favorite red-head, my only bro in law, and my mom for some camping!!!! :) I am so excited I packed Wednesday night... which took me all of 10 minutes. Because it consisted of sweats and snacks. That's it. That's all we need..........

Wronggggg!!! Mom calls me as she's loading her car and says, "I think we might need the cargo bag.." To go on top of the car. Because her Dodge Durango with the two back seats down... is not enough room.... for our camping stuff. This was always my responsibility growing up. I looked a lot like the people below, but it was reasonable when we were growing up. 4 people had to ride in the car, 4 people had camping gear. Now it's just me and my mom.... and we still need the cargo bag. 

But maybe I should clarify how we camp. It's more like "glamping" -- glamour camping. Pre-packaged meals? Heck no, we have steaks and asparagus. Smores? Absolutely, but that's typically after a peach cobbler has cooked in the dutch oven. We look more like this:

Just kidding. I promise we sleep in tents... although we do sleep on air mattresses, but that's fair. My almost 25 year old body just wouldn't be comfortable on the ground ground. So now we're on the ground, just raised about 6 inches! And I promise we have some typical camping food as well. I bought two whole big bags of sunflower seeds... and I hope they last me and the bro in law. You can never have enough beef jerky... I'll probably be finished with that on the drive to Oklahoma. 

I'm sure there will be a post after our camping weekend, but until then.. I'll leave you with this:

But then again, we're all Baylor Bears... so we obviously would friend any bear we would come across. 

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