Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Squat Challenge

This post has nothing to do with camping. I'm sure my thousands of readers are all anxiously awaiting that post. It's coming. You can blame the iphone for the delay. You see, I don't have enough storage to take pictures anymore. So mom/Hannah are emailing me their pictures to use for my post. I currently have 19 emails... all from my mom because she doesn't know how to send more than one picture in an email. Maybe I'll teach her how to do that for her Mother's Day gift. Kidding. Kinda kidding. 

This post is about why I am sitting at my desk all day. Because my hiney muscles are so sore it hurts to move. I found this squat challenge for the month of May through another blog I read religiously. I figured, hey! I'm a volleyball former volleyball player, my legs are strong! Eh, the whole former thing is really making this challenge a difficult one. I'm hoping if I power through it, my legs will look half as good as Carrie Underwood's for the upcoming swimsuit season. If my legs look good it will distract people from the rest of my body which will hopefully transform into shape when I snap my fingers like I'm Mary Poppins. Today is a rest day, praise the gluteus maximus muscle.

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