Friday, May 17, 2013


When I started this whole blogging thing it was for family, out of town and state specifically, to follow my teaching adventures. Which morphed into DIY projects when I got my first apartment, which morphed into cooking adventures (most of which have been successful), which morphed into the ever so random fashion (or lack there of) post, which morphed into rants/soap box blogs, which now I would just go ahead and throw myself into that whole "life style blogger" category. I love this little area that just lets me type. I am rather proficient in my typing skills, so when I type I can almost keep up with the amount of thoughts that are flying through my head (hence the amount of errors in my posts). 

Yesterday, I hit a milestone. 10,000 views. 

Woah. That's a big number. Especially when you started this for only a handful of people. I know it gets passed around and my grandmother is notorious fantastic about emailing the links out to all her people! But still, 10,000? I probably had a goal of maybe getting to 1,000 views when I started. 10,000 was no where in my range of numbers I was thinking of!! There's no way that many people want to come here (and come back again) and read about my not-really-that-exciting life. So thank you. Thank you for reading and thank you for coming back. 

It's been a good week for me. 

Happy. Friday. 


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