Monday, June 10, 2013


My workout schedule of life goes like this..... summer hits and I have all this free time so it's work out, work out, work out!!!!! Then school starts, aka volleyball season, and I drop off a little bit, but I work out with my girls so I'm doing ok. Volleyball season is over and I feel like I have a life again so I start to work out about up til Christmas. Then January hits and it's a slow decline all the way until June, when summer hits again.

So, true to myself, I hit the gym hard within the past week. Plus football practice, plus tennis competitions, and sweating from laying out! I also eat better in the summer. I have time to fix real meals, and time to eat healthier snacks. Now we are finally to the point of this post. Tofu. The point of the this post is tofu. The wonderfully protein rich, taste like absolutely nothing, tofu! (I figured if I said it enough times you might believe me)

I never knew I liked tofu until I had it in Pei Wei's Pad Thai. I also never knew how good it was for you until I took the time to look up it's nutritional value. It has so much protein in just a little block of it! I figured I needed to start cooking with it. The cool thing is it tastes like nothing, but it adapts to whatever you cook with it. It will absorb spices and flavors and become like them. That means that you can really add it to anything! I will definitely be experimenting (literally) with it. The one thing I can already tell you I will not add it to is salad. Salad is already bland and I don't imagine adding a spongey texture will increase my love of them anymore.

The one recipe I have tried so far is pasta with spinach, crab, and alfredo sauce. You honestly couldn't even tell a difference! If you have any great tofu recipes, feel free to send them my way! :)

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