Monday, June 17, 2013

Preacher's Date

This past weekend I got to experience something I've never done. This weekend I was a PD, a preacher's date. I've grown up being a preacher's kid. I've heard every stereotype there is... and only 47% apply to me. I'm used to, "Oh, you're a PK?" Yes, I am... now judge away, but never have I ever been a preacher's date!! That sounds so adult-y.
Duck dude is an ordained minister. No he didn't study seminary, he just grew up in the church. He just does weddings for close friends/family and I think it's fantastic. He is an excellent public speaker, tells the best stories, and did a phenomenal job with the ceremony. He cannot help if the groom is a very extremely interesting character!

While Duck Dude was doing his thing in front of everybody, I made a friend named Keely. She was awesome, and she and I soon decided to create a list we liked to call our "Inappropriate Things to Do at a Wedding" List. That's right, there were many firsts this night. Just in case you are not aware of what is appropriate I will pair each item with what we expected to happen.

Appropriate: Accidently putting the ring on the wrong finger in the ceremony
Inappropriate: Licking your new bride's finger so you can get the ring on because her finger is swollen because you picked an outdoor venue in June.. in Texas!!

Appropriate: Giving a fist pump or thumbs up after you kiss your wife for the first time
Inappropriate: Making out with her entire face

Appropriate: Having a super cool groom's cake regarding your favorite pastime or hobby
Inappropriate: Literally punching the cake instead of cutting it to grab a piece to feed to your new wife

Appropriate: Having the cupid shuffle, wobble, and shout on your reception playlist
Inappropriate: Making everyone stand up, place their hands over their hearts, and sing the national anthem in order to begin the reception

Appropriate: Absolutely killing it on the dance floor with your bride
Inappropriate: Ending up shirtless on the dance floor which then entices your 2 brothers to also end up shirtless and have a one big half-naked party

Overall it was a great night and I can definitely say I was entertained the entire time.... and I had a pretty cute date!

The matching was not intended, but it made for a good picture!

Our attempt to recreate a picture.... close-ish?

Why that doesn't look like us at all.. Boo.

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