Monday, June 24, 2013

Banana + Minions

This weekend, Duck Dude and his family headed to the large town of Gladewater, Tx for preacher's date round 2 (that post will come tomorrow)! This weekend was much more normal and much how I expected last weekend would slash should have gone.

We began the 2 hour drive with a run to Sonic and I got a large drink and hoped I would not have to take a bathroom break because I just couldn't resist the diet coke. I proceeded to put ketchup and mustard on Duck Dude's corn dogs by spelling out words... aka playing with food.... because I'm actually nine years old. This entertained us for a while. Then Duck Dude brought up Despicable Me 2... which we are both pretty excited about. He asked me if I'd seen the "banana" video... I hadn't. So we busted out the IPad in the car and pulled it up on YouTube.

It. Is. Sheer. Greatness.

Mostly, it reminds me of me.... and the little blonde sister... and putting on performances... and getting super annoyed when she, or anyone really, wouldn't do my performance correctly. I mean, how could they ruin my 30 minutes (an entire Barney show) of hard work!!! It's just amazing and we probably watched it about 20 times over the entire weekend. We even went as far as to plug my phone into Duck Dude's usb in the truck so we could listen to it over the truck speakers.

If you think I'm super weird and have no life... I'm ok with that. But if you think it's awesome and laugh every single time.... we're probably best friends. (So many personality tests lately!.. I'm gonna start judging my friends strictly on pancakes and banana minions). That is all.

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