Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Preacher's Date Round 2

So when I left off yesterday, we were driving to Gladewater.
When we made it, I got to meet so many people that I’ve been hearing about for so long! Every single one of them was so welcoming and hugged my neck like they had known me for all my life! We headed off to the rehearsal, we talkin ‘bout practice. Then finally got to the fun part! The rehearsal dinner. The best man gave the longest, pointless, but most hilarious speech I’ve ever heard. “And in college we lived in the azalea district…. And we had a basketball goal.” Just straight awesomeness. We sat at a huge table and talked to people all around us! I found one person from Huntsville and told him I had a family ranch there… after describing to him where it was he said, “the one with the new colt out front?” and I about died!! I said yes!!! That’s my new baby!! We left the rehearsal and went back to Shirley and Garlands house…. I proceeded to ask them both the pancake question.. seriously, it’s a good question!
My Favorite People!

The groom and his

The next morning we woke up and went to one of the few restaurants in town. The Fork. It’s an adorable little restaurant and I think my biscuits and gravy that I didn’t even finish cost $2.95. Duck Dude and I felt really cool when his parents walked in… it was like we were basically locals. I honestly don’t think there’s anything better than a small town coffee shop. It was so relaxing.

Then Duck Dude took me to the spillway. It’s a place where the lake spills over and Duck Dude grew up going stone stepping. I didn’t take my phone with me so I have zero pictures, but it was very pretty and I loved the serenity of being back in the woods.
Duck Dude had to be at the church early, since he was the preacher and all and so we went back and he got ready. Once he left I took my time getting ready and then went with his parents to the wedding. We had the most glorious time. Duck Dude got a ridiculous amount of compliments on the ceremony and I might be biased but I think he did an excellent job. He related their marriage to the rules of scuba diving, because the bride and groom love to scuba dive. The best compliment I heard all night was from a couple who sat with us at dinner: “We were on the back row in the balcony and felt like we were right up front because it was so personable.” Pretty cool, huh? I was proud, to say the least.
We left for the reception and Duck Dude’s mom said, “I’m gonna party down tonight!” And we did. We literally danced the night away to a fantastic band! I am an honest believer in the face that the song “Shout” is the climax of the night! Man, I love that song! One of the best surprises of the night was when the groom and a friend got up and sang a song/rap! Everyone loved it (the video is down below!). It was one of the best weddings/nights I have had in a while!

The whole group!

Sunday we drove home and decided to take the back roads. We knew we wanted lunch and wanted to choose a random restaurant like we did when we went fishing! We chose Richie’s in Big Sandy, Texas. It was a restaurant that served Mexican and American food! Ha Once again, I love small town restaurants. We got home and grabbed Koal and headed to the pool at his parents. It was a phenomenal weekend.

Definitely, weekend conquered.

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