Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My College Roommate

You grow up hearing all about how amazing college is and that you form friends for a lifetime. I am one of those lucky people to say I truly did. Who would of thought that a girl a few doors down would still be in my life 7 years later. We were just little 18 year olds embarking on a brand new life all by ourselves. Our adventure at Baylor began in North Russell and continued to our lovely little home on Wagon Wheel Circle. The first thing I remember her mom saying was, “Now don’t forget to smile.” As I was looking at old pictures I thought one of the captions summed it up perfectly “my second family.” We were each other’s second families all through those years at Baylor. I highly doubt that first week in our Welcome Week groups she thought a couple years later she’d be dressing me every day and doing my hair after my shoulder surgery. We’ve gotten stuck on cruise ships together and spent countless hours of watching Friends episodes. I introduced her to all my favorite musicals; she introduced me to monkeys. Because of her, at one point we had a baby wolf in our college house, no seriously, his name was Wolfie. Ya know all the stupid things you do throughout your college years? Mine were done with her, and somehow we never got arrested  in serious trouble. (Sorry mom, you’re not getting these stories) We’ve been to Baylor football games, baseball games, tennis matches, volleyball games; we’ve dominated intramurals, dominated Baylor holidays, and been proud students at homecoming activities. We’ve been through a couple, a handful, a multitude of boys. We’ve celebrated birthdays and Christmas’ and Halloweens and Dia del Osos. We’ve been there for each other through cancer and death and menstrual cycles and gallbladders (even if I told her she just ate too much). She is the only person who will not judge me when I want to play catch phrase in a fort we build to save us from a hurricane. She is the only person who is a fellow member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. She is the only person I have a designated karaoke song with. She is the only one who truly understands my love of 4th of July and New Years. She is the only person who ever takes pictures, so I had to steal most of these from her facebook. She is the whitest Mexican I know who doesn’t know how to say hello in Spanish. She is the only one who is always willing to eat my cooking. She is one of the few who would fly to Dallas to watch me play football in the Cotton Bowl. We’ve learned to adjust to post college life and pick right back up where we left off. We’ve learned to trust each other’s opinion and value their advice. We’ve learned to support each other from afar instead of knocking on the wall in between our rooms; but we’re definitely not opposed to visiting each other and taking mini-vacays! I look forward to many more birthdays and memory making with my most consistent college roommate.

Happy quarter of a century! Love you of the fountain! 


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