Monday, January 28, 2013

Spinach Stuffed Fish!

I took this recipe and adjusted it from broccoli stuffed fish. I had leftover spinach and I eat way more spinach than broccoli (although I do love broccoli). I guess you could really stuff your fish with whatever you want. All I used was spinach, cream cheese, onions, and herb stuffing mix. I mixed it together and I used swai fillets that I bought on sale. I made two wondering how much I would eat and had more than plenty left over for my lunch at school the next day. 

I used a little cream cheese, milk, and parmesean cheese in order to create a sauce to go over the top of the fish. This recipe looks a lot more fancy than it is and is definitely worth the taste! So good!

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  1. Move to South Korea to teach. Let's be expat roommates and cook together all the time! :)

    Praying for your sweet dad. God is faithful!