Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Man Cave

If you haven’t heard about the house that Caroline lives in at Baylor, you should. It’s amazing and I would love to live there with her.

She shares her little downstairs nook with another girl (they have the yellow and pink rooms), but they have a little section that can be closed off. They have affectionately labeled this as the Man Cave. Why? I think the better question is why not? In this, Man Cave there are several large built-in bookcases that are scarcely filled with random things. So I thought for Christmas I would give her something to add to those shelves… besides I had been wanting to try this project anyway.

I made her a dry erase board out of an old, ugly picture frame and extra burlap.

I like it. 

Hello ugly, 75% clearance frame

Thank you yellow spray paint

Leftover Burlap

A much cuter looking dry erase board!

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