Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Praise the Lord!!!

We have received what will probably be the best news of all of 2013 and we are only 22 days in.

My dad’s treatment is working. Praise the Lord. This is how you know the grace of God is working; the doctor called it, “the most dramatic results he’s ever seen.” Isn’t that amazing? I am so grateful for all of my prayer warriors out there. I hear stories of people spreading the word to different cities, different states and even different countries. I don’t even think I could make a map of all the locations of people who have been praying for him. My dad says he is feeling good and is ecstatic with the results.

Granted, we are not out of the woods yet, but this is an excellent start. He will not complete any more treatments, but the medicine should still continue to build up in his system and work. He will have another PET scan 8 weeks from this most recent one and the idea is that the tumors continue to shrink/hopefully disappear. So keep up the awesome prayers.

I am so relieved to have good news for once. I could not stop the flood of happy tears and I did not really try. A brand new, fda approved drug that has only worked in 30% of cases there’s only one way I know to explain that.

I serve an all-knowing, all healing, mighty God. 

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