Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crescent Crab Wontons

My college roommate knows me pretty well after four years of living with me. Thank goodness I found someone who is obsessed with football tolerates all of my football watching. She also knows one of my favorite treasures during football season is my chip holder/football that plays the NFL theme song. So for Christmas she gave a beautiful football platter, like seriously it's so pretty and is quite possibly the nicest piece of glassware I own (bachelorette life). 

So, obviously, for the NCAA championship game, I had to have a party and use my football platter!!! :) The only question was what to make. I, also quite obviously, went to pinterest and searched for a new recipe to try. 

I found the coolest recipe! It is perfect for football and my favorite part was the cayenne pepper that is added to give it a little kick! They looked beautiful on my football platter. I can't wait for the next football season!

Yay for using crab! I love that packaged stuff! :)

 I had never used fresh green onion before.. and I got way to much, but it was super easy to work with.

Throw in some cream cheese, ranch, and cayenne pepper and they are complete! The crescent rolls are semi-divided into 4 quadrants already... I pinched the seams together and then cut each quadrant into 6 squares. I dabbed a little mixture of the crab into the center.

Fold over the crescent rolls and bake at normal times!

And you have beautiful, spicy little things... I had to take a picture so you could see my football. I promise I filled the rest of the platter up, although these things went quickly!

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