Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Green Tea Smoothie

Some of you may know I recently got a trainer! Not because I need to lose weight, just because I need to maintain my weight! My new addiction is the my fitness pal app on my phone/iPad! I enter everything into that thing and it helps me keep track of everything I'm eating. I've always heard you should keep a food diary, and this is a simple and convenient way to do it!

Two of my main breakfast items are green tea and Greek yogurt, however that can become repetitive. So this morning I tried a green tea smoothie! I had green tea peach flavored and peach Greek yogurt so I figured I'd just combine them together and it's pretty good!

I brewed my tea (I made it pretty strong)

Threw in some yogurt with peach chunks

Added some ice cubes...

And voila!
It actually made about 15 oz worth, so I drank half before my workout and half after my workout! 

Clancypants, I still haven't forgotten what you told me... a spinach smoothie is next up on the list to try! :)

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