Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spring Style Trends

Style. I do not really know if I have a style, but I do like to follow all sorts of trends. There are days I feel I dress really urban – usually include my combat boots (which Hannah loves so much). Days I know I dress really preppy – typically include a bubble necklace or cardigan. Days I dress casual cute – always wearing my keds or sperrys. And days where I just throw on whatever feels right – typically when I get the most compliments…. And I wasn’t even trying!!

So, please do not take this post as a die hard fashion post that must be strictly followed. I wear what is comfortable. However, I do love to look ahead and see what the upcoming trends are going to be! I’m pretty excited about the ones I’ve seen so far.

1. Chambray/Denim - still obsessed with all denim, all the time

All time fav outfit.
2nd fav is with white shorts.
Paired with a skirt, as a

2. Stripes - super fan

3. Mod - as long as big hair comes with it, I'm game

I love taking what I find and applying it to my closet. So for my last home basketball game today I decided to combine all 3. I thought I was just combining the first two until my fellow coach told me I looked very 70's today. So there you have it folks! 

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