Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Small Victory

In teaching, I have learned that there are small victories that can make your entire week. One small thing can overshadow a week of dealing with 250 adolescent, hormonal 12,13 year olds.

I recently had one of those small victories. Let me set up the background for you. Johnny Boy is new to my school this year. Johnny Boy hasn’t had the greatest life, but he is surrounded by love and support. Johnny Boy’s dad died a long, painful death 3 years ago. Since then, his teachers have (in my opinion) babied him through school. Now Johnny Boy is light years behind and can barely tell me his multiplication facts. Johnny Boy’s mom has since remarried a former Dallas Cowboys player who is awesome. He is a wonderful, fatherly influence on Johnny Boy and is striving to help him succeed.

On my tests, I will never put anything lower than a 50. I will “flat line 50” you. Johnny Boy has received a flat line 50 on every. Single. one of my tests all. Year. Long.

I have been emailing step dad almost daily with powerpoints and  extra tips; we have been in constant communication.

Cue a small victory:

 This is Johnny Boy’s most recent test. A 73!!!! Holy cow. I about died when I saw it! Most of the time when I’m grading I do not pay attention to whose test it is; it’s not until I’m putting the grade in the grade book that I really focus on who scored what. A 73! He passed a test?!

The next day I pulled Johnny Boy out in the hallway and said, “Guess what you made on your test?”
He responded with, “A 40.”  
Me: “Higher”
Him: “50”
Me: “Higher”
Him: “60”
Me: “Higher”
Him: “There is no way I made a 70 on the test.”
Me: “You made a 73!!! And I expect a 70 or higher on every test from here on out!”

Small victory. 


  1. Woohoo! Way to got JB and way to go Mrs. Lindstrom!!! It is so encouraging to hear how you love your students and the joy God gives you through it. Love you girl.

  2. Thanks Clancypants! You definitely need to start a blog about your current adventures! :) Love you more!