Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Game Changers

On Monday I went to the best professional development I have ever been to: a coaching leadership summit. This summit felt much more like a church revival than a boring, sit and doodle all over my notes professional development. The style of the summit was short speeches.. I loved this style. You didn't have time to get distracted and each speaker had a new topic that blew your mind away. I think this will be several blogs because I just have too much to say. I took pages of notes on my phone and will in no way be as powerful as these speakers were, but I love what I wrote down and couldn't wait to blog about it all. 

Here are my notes from some of the speakers.
Joe Erhman –

·         24 million Children live absent their biological father 
o   Of those 50% have not seen their father in over a year
·         Transactional vs transformational
Transactional - coach 1st, team 2nd, players 3rd
Transform - players 1st, team 2nd, coaches needs met by meeting needs of players 
Transactional love vs transformational love
·         What is your coaching purpose? 
Most coaches burn out bc they are not coaching to a higher purpose.
·         The prophet Malachi 

Wow. I want to be a transformational coach. I want to be a transformational teacher. I need to be a transformational role model. Transactional sounds like I'm at a bank; that is not what I want my classroom/gym to feel like. Joe actually had written a physical coaching purpose (it had to do with creating men with kindness, empathy, and service) and I think that is a good practice - so I will be taking the time in the future to write my own personal coaching purpose. 

Glenn Beck –
·         Exodus 3:14 – God says “I am who I am.”
Use the power of God with truth - I am strong. I am confident. 
·         Don't take his name in vain - I am stupid. I am incompetent. 
·         Relentlessly pursue the truth then apply it. 

Uh. Mind blown. I have been a Christian for 16 years and I've never thought about it that way. Especially in middle school I hear of kids talking about themselves negatively all the time. It's part of the reason why kids cannot even say "shut up" or "stupid" -- the dreaded s words -- in my room. It's part of the reason why every Friday we turn to a neighbor and tell them how great they are before they leave for the weekend. And I just really love the word relentless; I love everything it stands for.  

Bob beaudine –
·         Triple threat: encourage, declare, dream bigger 
·         We've forgotten people matter most.. God taught it, we've forgotten it.
The energy between two people is what creates great marriages, families, teams, universities, and "legendary results"
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 two are better than one

I believe there is a lot of things society has forgotten that God has taught us; but the Bible definitely teaches us people come first. I want my kids to be service leaders so badly, but how am I supposed to impress that upon them while teaching them 50 minutes of math? I believe I can do that by showing them that people matter most. I love the quote about energy creates great everythings and then it's supported by a scripture reference. 

Dewy gray –

·         Our job as a coach is to make someone else great, add value to their life
·         "Unleash massive amounts of people that can win the game of life"
           You can be the answer to a player’s prayer.  

I want to create athletes that can win at the game of life. Especially in middle school, I want to instill in them the character traits that will carry them past middle school athletics.

It was so good. I left feeling motivated, inspired, my eyes were opened, and I want to do something about it. I want to be a game changer. Stay tuned for more. 

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