Friday, May 1, 2015

Rusty Loves Me

Five for Friday! You might see a theme.

1. I knew yesterday was going to be a good day. Because I started with my  new Baylor shorts and my friendship socks. Friendship socks are kind of like friendship bracelets.... but socks. 
2.  Rusty Greer came to school to hang out with me yesterday. If you were around for my embarrassing story last year, this year is not much better. It started with him saying, "So, I hear you're married now..... can I still put my hands on you?" .... OF COURSE RUSTY! That's not even a real question. And now we have this glorious picture which is much better than last year's picture when I was super unprepared and had no make up on.

3. While Rusty was the only one that mattered, there were some other former Rangers there. Bobby Witt is next to me, John Burkett is in the light blue, Kenny Hill is next to him, and on the end is a former Dallas Cowboy - Ryan Young. If you're wondering how all this is possible, I have the privilege of working in an awesome district where all of these guys live. So, they are friends of coworkers who all have children the same age! 

4. Then, when I thought my day was stellar.... Rusty proved he loved me even more. He brought me a tshirt.... with his signature on the back!!!!! I had to remind him I was married and couldn't run away with him. Just kidding Duck Dude. But I'm never taking the shirt off. I'm wearing it today and I will probably wear it tomorrow and I'll pair it with a skirt for school on Monday. 

5. I'll probably tell 24 people tomorrow at our garage sale we're having. They are all going to want to hear about Rusty Greer and then I'll probably be best friends with them and say "here, just have this random plate for free instead of a dollar"........ still just kidding Duck Dude. 

God bless weekends.

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