Monday, May 4, 2015

Garage Sale Success

How to have a successful garage sale: 

1. Eat a really good dinner the night before. We chose stuffed bell peppers with a side of deer sausage, steamed asparagus, and grilled corn. I'm not saying you have to eat that, but if you did, I am sure you would be successful. 

2. Make really pretty signs... and then ride around in the Ranger to hammer them into the ground. Country music blaring is optional. (please note the little tiny peak of my Rusty Greer shirt... it's there)
3. I'm not sure if peeing in the woods/7 trees by the major road is a necessity or an option. Don't worry, I didn't take a picture of that. Here's a picture of the boys discussing where the arrow should be drawn. Pinnacle to success.

 4. At least two cups of coffee when you wake up early on a Saturday morning. 

5. Set everything up all nice and organized. Fill the hole when something is bought. 
5b. When a lady offers $40 for all of your jewelry to take with her to Nigeria, accept it. 

6. Wheel and deal, but don't let them walk away. The purpose is to get rid of things. Be proud of that one dollar sell. You got a dollar and they are helping you de-clutter!

7. When in doubt, say "It's the neighbors. I don't know anything about it."

8. Pop bottles that are actually screw tops on Sunday to celebrate a good Saturday. 

9. When Jose comes at noon on Sunday and you're ready to be done, give him everything. He has a lot of family in Mexico and you do not have to haul it all back in to stay in your garage for another year. 
10. Take all your earnings and plan an outlet mall shopping day with your sister!! 

Laura pocket, when can you go?!

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