Monday, May 11, 2015

Hand and Foot

For Christmas, some of the boys received a golfing pass with PawPaw!

Luckily, the girls got to tag along and we made a whole weekend out of it!! We had the most wonderful weekend. The weather cooperated well enough, we ate more than most people eat in a week, and I finally learned how to play hand and foot!!

Friday night we played hand and foot until midnight. At this point, I was undefeated... so I think I picked it up pretty quickly! :)

Saturday morning the boys left to go golfing early. The girls slept in and then sat on the front porch for some coffee and talking. There's not a lot that's better than that.

 We did a little exploring through a rain shower and Jimbo and Duck Dude showed off their balancing skills. The guns were a necessity to bring along... but the only thing they shot was a wasp off a tree stump.

I love no make up weekends and weekends where fashion does not matter. Shorts and mud boots? What else would you wear?

Lake Fork is almost full after a being so low for a long time. We went to try our luck at fishing, but of course, Paw Paw was the only one to catch a decent sized catfish.

We ate a dinner that consisted of green beans, baked potatos, salad, rolls, and ginormous steaks. I'm not even ashamed that I ate it all. And I had two rolls.

And there was some hand and foot, before and after, and all in between. We listened to Paw Paw name all of his 15 brothers and sisters and how his mom used to bake a "gross" of biscuits..... 144 biscuits. We listened to Nannie tell the story of how her mom and the doctor didn't know that she was a twin... but her grandmother just knew and kept telling the doctor, "There's another one in there."

We made it home after pulling over half way there to semi-hide under a tree from hail and lightening. By the time we got home there was a distinct line in the sky of gray and blue that I thought was super cool.

We had such a good weekend and cannot wait to start our own "hand and foot" nights... where the girls, will, obviously, win!!

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