Friday, May 29, 2015

21 Years of Cleaning

A long, long time ago.... 21 years to be exact.. my mom and some of her girlfriends started cleaning houses as a little side income. 

She interviewed with this couple who offered my mom wine and cheese, which she politely turned down, and the couple decided "they could probably trust her." 

I was 5, the red head was 3, and the blonde was a wee little babe. 

Fast forward 10 years, and this couple who had always been in the textile industry decided to begin their own company. A quilt design company. A year later, they hired me. I worked in the upstairs room of their house and would pull samples from the attic or the garage. I cut fabric swatches and eventually began designing some quilts. But every Friday, my mom would be there.

 When the business got big enough, we moved to a warehouse. My mom was the person they called right after the alarm company called to say someone broke into the warehouse.

All of my friends knew them as "Mollie's quilt bosses"... They would take us to fancy dinners and eventually teach me how to drink red wine. Sometimes we went to breakfast with frozen fountains.

They even came to my college graduation.

She came with us to buy the red head's wedding dress, and, of course, let my mom clean their house a day early for the red head's wedding. 

Mrs. Crowe let me borrow her braided mink for my bridals and the wedding.

 And now, I get to keep one of my first quilts ever on one of our guest beds. It is still one of my favorites.

During this 21st year of cleaning two things happened... I got married and the blonde graduated from Baylor.  And mom always said that once the blonde graduated Baylor and she got all three of us through Baylor, she would give herself back her Fridays. 

Today is that day! It is the last day for my mom to clean the Crowe's house. It might take me a while to get used to my mom not being there on Fridays, but I'm sure it will not take long for my mom to adjust. After all, 21 years is a really long time.

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