Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Summer Plannin'

I can literally almost taste summer. Texas is on the tip of those blistering hot days, where you want to do nothing but be in the pool water. And there's a couple of things I want to do before, during, and all the time during those blissful months of June and July.

Table Centerpieces. These need to be made before summer so I can have them on our table. 

Outside furniture. We got an incredibly beautiful table from Duck Dude's mom. It makes our backyard... but it's time to replace the chair cushions. Do you know how many options there are out there?! Do I want them all the same? All different?

Summer drank. How fantastic are mangoes? And how fantastic does mango lemonade sound?! 

And more lemonade.. because after I finish the mango lemonade, I'll be ready for some raspberry and peach lemonade. 

You've got to look fabulous. Once I get my summer or honeymoon tan back.. this black jumpsuit would be the perfect night out outfit!! 
 And with that fabulous outfit, I'm gonna need some flash tats. They're temporary, gold, metallic, and scream summer to me! 

And, of course, some good books to read!! I had to spend some time looking for a new link, because most of the links I found I had already read 1/2 of the books on there! This list looks awesome. There are 15 books and I've only read two! 

What would I do without pinterest to plan my summer? Summertime lovin' will definitely be sweet if all the things on this list happen!

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