Friday, May 15, 2015

Waffle Night!

This week has been an off week. Does anyone else have those? I don’t know if I blame it on Travis being out of town all week or it being so close to summer I can taste it. But…..
On Wednesday, I had a morning half day. I told my sub I’d be back at 10:45…… the only problem is half days end at 11:45… and I did not leave anything for my 4th period to do.
On Thursday, I needed to get gas in the morning. I pulled into the gas station, got out and walked around my car… only to realize.. my gas tank was on the other side. How many times have I filled my car with gas?! How did I go to the wrong side? It was so embarrassing.
On Friday, I left my phone at home. So, the three pictures you are getting today are because I had to call Duck Dude on my school phone and request him to send them to me. And the internet is being reallllly slow today which is great when you have an awesome internet activity planned for the day. Womp.

All that to say I sure am real glad today is Friday.

And I am done complaining because last night was fantastic!!!! We had waffle night!! And those are a thing in our household… well technically Jerry Ray’s household, because that’s where waffle night is held. And I had an awesome tweet that no one appreciated. Waffles on fleek?? Come on people. That’s good.

My red head and I showed up matching. The best part? I was wearing Duck Dude’s shirt… roommates share clothes… or that’s what I’m used to! Heidi doesn’t match us, but she looks so cute. 

The waffles were definitely on fleek and I had seconds when one was plenty. I also enjoyed the extra crispy bacon… preferably burnt. I love burnt bacon. Yummm. 

And now it's Friday and my husband is back in town and hopefully all is right with the world.... just in time for the weekend!


  1. I feel you on the off week -- but those waffles look amazing! Not much those, and a husband coming home, won't fix!

    1. You mean it's not just me?! Maybe the waffles were the turning point!! They were awesome!