Thursday, May 21, 2015

El Salvador or Bust

I figured since I had a post dedicated to one sister this week, I needed a post dedicated to the other. 
Just kidding. It just happened to work out that way!! Today I'm talking about my red head and her husband. Why? 

They are in El Salvador for 10 weeks!!! Until July 27th!!! Where exactly is El Salvador? It's not Mexico... like I said a couple times.. It is south of Mexico and has Guatemala in between. 

Specifically they are in the town of Ahuachapan. Each time I say it, I say it a different way.

So, I don't do this very often... slash.. I don't think I have done it ever. But, this blog is a prayer request.  If you find yourself with a spare minute or two over the next 10 weeks and you randomly think about me or this blog, I would love it if you would say a quick little prayer for my sis and bro. 

Specific prayer requests:
  • Safety. It's safe to say her pale skin and red hair makes them stand out. 
  • They are in a host home. I pray that they are comfortable in their surroundings.
  • I pray that they learn the language quickly. Hola amigos!
  • I pray they have opportunities to serve! That's why they're there and I want them to have ample opportunities to serve however they can!
  • Dietary issues. My red head is gluten free and just recently found out she is also lactose intolerant... which in a completely new country might be a little difficult.
A prayer request that came straight from the red head:
  • Mosquitos. She said there are a lot of mosquitos and there are two different diseases they carry. She said, "Bug spray is my perfume this summer."
My bro-in-law is also planning on blogging some updates on the blog they started when they got married and didn't keep up!! :)  He will update when they have access to wifi at the mission center. 

I know I have some crazy awesome prayer warriors out there and I really appreciate y'all lifting up my red head, Hannah, and bro-in-law, Ben.

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