Thursday, May 28, 2015

GF Orange Chicken

We have been over this before. I crave chinese food. I love it. This whole gluten free thing has put a kink in living the gf life. 

So, when I knew Duck Dude was going to be gone for dinner last night, I was already thinking Chinese. I looked up a gluten free orange chicken recipe on pinterest and was determined to try it out.

I got to the store. On my list were things like coconut oil and coconut aminos (what is that even?).. and siracha sauce which I don't have at my house but I've at least heard of it... and honey or maple syrup (those are two very different things in my mind, how can there be an "or" there!!!).... and I was already stressing that this was not going to turn out well.. then I'd have to just go get Chinese food!!

As I roamed the Asian aisle, I entirely changed my mind. So, here is my four ingredient orange chicken... that I get to eat leftovers of in approximately 15 minutes and cannot waittt. 

You need chicken, broccoli (ours was frozen in a bag), and these two ingredients. 

They both had huge "gluten free" signs on them and it sounded a whole easier and cheaper than buying all those random coconut things. One of them was 79 cents and one was 2.99. 

I got home and browned the chicken... you would think you might miss the "breading" part of the chicken, but I didn't mind it at all. Then I threw in the broccoli and browned everything a little more. Ok, so I added some crushed red pepper and pepper (so technically 6 ingredients) because I like my foods with some spice. 

Then I poured in the sauce, let it simmer a little longer and drained the rice noodles that take about half the time of pasta noodles. Scooped some of my delicious chicken on top of the rice noodles and wa-bam!!! Gluten free orange chicken!! I'm sure that other recipe was going to be great... but for a night at home by myself... this was perfect!!!

(and I'm mad at myself for forgetting to sprinkle some sesame seeds on top. Just horrible picture taking skillzz. 

Tonight's menu? Gluten free lemon chicken alfredo. Hopefully, it's just as successful!!

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