Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Recap

Texas is continuing to be one big flood zone... but that did not stop us from having a marvelous time! 
Friday Night
We celebrated our engagement anniversary. I'm not sure people do that, but we did it and it was good. We ate gluten free pizza... heard the fireworks that we were watching a year ago.. and tried to talk in our whisper voices when we went over to the neighbors with a sleeping baby.
We helped sister Laura and Naked Nick get ready to move 0.8 miles from us!!! Duck Dude and I picked up lunch from Taco C... and a couple.... thousand salsas. 
We got allll of our trips in to the storage facility before the rain started again. We were so impressed with ourselves, we gorged ourselves on sushi and jenga. 
Then, we called the cops. No really, we called the Plano police department. The establishment we were at decided to give away Naked Nick's drivers license to someone else. They were attempting to facebook Nicholas Ross and so was I. After a couple failed attempts, Naked Nick got a "case number"... but we're all thinking he's never going to see that ID again. 
We went over to Duck Dude's parents house (does anyone else hate the term in-laws? It sounds so negative!!)... we ate a yummy lunch, watched a 1998 movie with Bruce Willis, sat outside for a little bit, and ate hamburgers for dinner. Sister Laura brought us these amazing patriotic pom pom headbands and I loved them so much. We were them the whole day..... and put them on the dogs. Look how happy they are!!

We hit up the stores while the boys hit up the golf course. I created some earrings with Kendra Scott's color bar (I picked the style, then picked which colors I wanted to go where!)... and I'm hoping they bring along some summer weather. 
Then we headed home for a pot luck dinner at our house. I got to hang out with some of my favorites and eat really good food.... again. See any trends throughout the weekend? Food, food, and more food!

God Bless America and all of our veterans, young and old, former and current, alive and dead. I am thankful for all of you.

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