Monday, June 1, 2015

What I Learned from Byron

Byron is this one guy who this huge golf tournament is named after in Dallas. It’s kind of like our Kentucky Derby. You get to dress all preppy and polite clap on the palms of your hand when a golfer makes a good put. Here’s what I learned this weekend when I attended my first Byron Nelson ever.

1. It benefits Momentous Institute… which is this crazy awesome conference I went to in October. I had no idea and immediately thought, maybe this Byron guy isn’t so bad.

2. You will wear a lot of wristbands. You get a different wristband to get into each different “tent of fun.” Each tent has their own wristband. Add that to the wristband that’s on your “purse/clutch that only fits your cell phone but still apparently counts as a purse” to signify it’s been checked… you end up with a lot of wristbands.

3. Cameras are not allowed, but you can take phone pictures. I’m not sure that’s in the rules, but I saw plenty of people doing it… so I think it’s ok.

4. The TV truck for a golf tournament is just as fun as the TV truck for a Mavs game. Except I felt like there were about 20 more camera views… but I could have spent the entire time in there listening. It is so fascinating. 

5. Caddies do not necessarily like their golfer they are paired with. I always thought golfers brought their best friend along to be their caddy. Dufner and his caddy proved me wrong when the caddy walked by us after hole 11 cursing Dufner and all “golf guys.” I was like, oh, hi, ok, have a good day!

6. It is definitely fun to play the “keep track of how many people you run into that you know game” It could be random Baylor people, old high school people, or someone that is now semi-famous that you were paired with in a wedding that you haven’t seen since that wedding…. But you say hi anyway! And then you add them to your list. 

7. In the end, you’ve watched about 10 puts/hits/strokes of golf…. You’ve drank a lot more than that, and you’ve talked to an exponential more amount of people… and it’s pretty fun.

Then… if you’re really lucky… you end the weekend with your husband suggesting to go see Pitch Perfect 2. You get a large bucket of popcorn and plenty of jalapenos to go with it, and you’re set. (Don’t knock it ‘til you try it people)

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