Thursday, June 25, 2015

Random Picture Update

Do you ever have random pictures just sitting on your phone that you are not ready to delete yet? Here's my little collection from summer so far! 


I'm finally done with training.. and I am off to VBS that I helped my mom set up last week! During that, a photo shoot occured with the waterfall we created. P.S. the hint on the setup page for the waterfall was "be patient"... we were proud when it was finished. 

During the training, which we decided is a tiny bit like summer camp for teachers..we sent pictures and gifs back and forth to each other. This was one of my favs, because truth.
And here was my view all week. Delightful. Just long.

But, I came home to an excited dog and found some holiday napkins to get me in the right mood for favorite month July!!!!!

And now, here is my mood this morning. Happy. Content. And ready to go play with some little kids at VBS!

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