Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Countdowns

My summer has officially started!!! 

I got through volleyball camp last week and I am ready to begin my summer activities. Today consists of taking lunch to my D-mommy while she is still in town and then some lake time with Jimbo and P. And, of course, ending with the Bachelorette... even though Kaitlyn is slowly working her way out of my "we could be friends" zone. Sounds terrible, huh? 

So y'all have to know by now I love my countdowns!! Countdowns to anything are preferably my fav.

Girls trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana - 11 DAYS!! Wow, I need to get my tan on. 
Here is the pool at our hotel. 

My favorite holiday in the ENTIRE world!!! - 19 days!! Fireworks, sun, and summer! Oh my! We don't even know what we're doing yet.. but it doesn't matter because it will be awesome!!

My 21st BIRTHDAY!!!! ... for the.... 7th time!!! :) - 30 days! The other day Duck Dude said he was "28" out loud and I thought... wow! That's old.... then I remembered I was about to be 27.... and I thought "hmm. that's interesting." How have I been alive this long?
My actual 21st birthday when my friends surprised me at work for lunch!
Vacation to Jamaica!!!!! - 34 days! In just 34 days, we will be off to Jamaica with Duck Dude's family! I cannot wait for some relaxin' time at the beach!! Take me there!!!

Throw in plenty of cookouts, family time, and friend time and my summer is exactly what I envision and love SO much about these months! The blogging is slightly more scarce.. but it's only because I am doing life. And sometimes life wins over a computer screen. 

We're making memories here! :)


  1. I am so jealous of your two awesome vacations coming up! So well deserved!

    1. Thanks so much Lindsay!!! I will be sure to post all about our shenanigans!! :)