Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Caroline for Bachelor 2016

We had SO much fun last night guys. Seriously. 

We decided not to go out on the boat because Texas is basically a flood right now and the weather is unpredictable. So yay for us being responsible adults. 

We had a ton of food.. some good drinks.. and a LOT of commentary!
And we DID decide that Caroline should absolutely be cast in the next season of the bachelor. 

We will probably have to delete her "my adopted sister" picture album.. it includes pictures like this. 
Her resume includes: 
1. She looks realllly good in fairy costumes. 

2. She keeps her cool when people "moon" her.
3. She's got a lot of... spirit?
4. Her one leg popped pose in on point.  (far right.. I'm far left.. rockin the glasses and middle part before it was cool)

5. Duck Dude and Jimbo will help her create a totally rad audition video. 

6. Laura Pocket will be her "advice giver" on the show... because she will be honest and unforgiving. She might even bring a red dog along to have him sniff all the guys out..

7. When she makes it to home town visits.... obviously.. we will hold it at some mansion that she "grew up in"... and eventually have a pasture party and be the cool family. 

8. Naked Nick will provide comic relief.. like telling him if he guesses how many baseballs are in the container.. he can have a rose. 

9. PT Patricia will help work out all of her kinks since she will be holding the show down.  

10. I, personally, will complain and complain until she gets a firework show... because that's all she really wants. 

It's not like we're asking much, right?

Caroline for Bachelor cast 2016.    Over and out. 

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