Monday, June 29, 2015

One Time We Were Given $1000

We are back from Lake Charles, Louisiana! Our girls trip was successful for sure. Here is the entire rundown. Pictures, tweets, and an enormous amount of laughs. 

It started with an interesting discovery.
"Also, if you're not careful autocorrect will change "girls trip" to "girl strip". So, that could make my tweets interesting. #girlstrip2015"

Then we moved onto:
"Siri, what is a manatee?" #girlstrip2015 #twitterlesslaura"
We made it to Lake Charles! We flew on a very tiny airplane and flew into a very tiny airport.

"New fact: Lake Charles, Louisiana does not have Uber. Taking a good 'ol fashion yeller cab. #girlstrip2015"

"New fact: share a cab with a 60 year old and talk to him the whole time and he will buy your cab!! #moneysavers #girlstrip2015"

"You guys have Dallas hair. I can't lie." ..... You realize that's like a compliment, right?? #twitterlesslaura #dallasproud"
"Livin it up with my oldest sista!!!! #girlstrip2015"

"We go from belting "strawberry wine" to.... "No diggity"... And we are not complaining!!!! #girlstrip2015 #twitterlesslaura"

"New fact #3: be nice to, said, 60 year old and he gives you free money. Seriously. #girlstrip2015" 

We ended up running into the guy who paid for our cab. We made him look really cool in front of his friends and then watched him play a couple hands of blackjack. On the third hand, he put all of his chips in... we told him he was crazy... and then he hit a blackjack!!!! He handed us each a chip and literally ran off.  

We pooled it up all day long and met people like Donald Trump, Thor, TCU, and Nordstroms. There were also people we didn't meet but nicknamed anyway... Jersey Shore, Dolly Parton #1.. Dolly Parton #2.
"Are you gambling tonight?" "Yeah... I'm bettin' on you!" #girlstrip2015"

 We were in a secluded room for dinner at the country club. Laura about died when I had a real life.... real dead anchovy on my salad!!! And after dinner we attempted to take pictures when we really could have used a selfie stick. 

We loved this bench. We sat on it at the end of each night and... met even more people as they walked by. It might have been my favorite place of the entire trip. However, the man we asked to take a picture of us was incapable. But I want you to see the bench so bad, you're getting it anyway!
"Conquering Lake Charles one "booty work" at a time. #leftcheekrightcheek #girlstrip2015"

"We got hit on while eating Frito twists on a bench...... We are feeling good about ourselves today!! #girlstrip2015 #twitterlesslaura"  

"Thank God for good directions... And Dramamine!! We're home Dallas!!! #girlstrip2015 #overandout"

Can't wait for next year's girl trip!!! :)

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