Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Water is Bougie

This morning as I was filling up my water... I had a thought. 

My water is extremely bougie.  And so I did the only logical thing when I have an incredible thought.. I tweeted it... so everyone could look at my bougie lemon, mint, raspberry water.

My water doesn't always look like this.. but I prefer that it does. Because water is BORING with a captial B... ORING. And if you want me to drink 8 cups a day or half my weight in fl oz or whenever I'm thirsty.. whatever the recommended amount is. I need it to be spiced up a little. A little flare. A little drama to my water. Like it's saying "don't judge me cause I'm water."

Here's the next problem. This bougie water you're looking at is my go to. Lemon and mint. It's all I ever put in my water. Actually, that's not true.. one time I tried cucumbers and it tasted like milk and I almost gagged and yaked on Duck Dude. So, lemon and mint is my go to... and I recently got a little cray and tried lemon and raspberry... and today I got super cray cray and did all three. 

But I have THREE days until summer and I'm going to drink a lot of water this summer and so I want to know. What other kinds of naturally flavored water exist and which ones do I want to try? I went to the only reliable source on the planet... Pinterest.

Of course, there are a bajillion and one. So, I am picking only the ones I think I would actually do... and ones that our grocery stores typically have plenty of in stock! Aka.. there won't be any watermelon ones.. because I don't like watermelon. 

1. Just peachy.. a frozen mixed fruit bag of peaches/mango/pineapple plus two more peaches. Yum.

2. Strawberries, half a lemon, and basil. 

3. Pineapple and mint. 

4. Lemons and Oranges.

5. Blackberry and Lime. This would only be if I can find blackberries on sale. 

6. Grapefruit and Cilantro Mint. I love grapefruit... I only like a very small amount of cilantro. I think I'd enjoy mint a lot more.  But hey, I might give it a try! 

7. Mango Lime. Yessss. This might be #1 on my list.

There are two recipes that I still wanted to share even though they don't really fit my tastebuds. If I liked blueberries more - blueberry and mint. And watermelon and rosemary is all over pinterest land.

Are there any that you have tried that I neeeed to add to my list?
Cheers to bougie water.

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