Thursday, June 18, 2015

White Wings

White Wings. A Sheridan recipe.

One of the first recipes Duck Dude every made for me. Awww.

It's a pretty simple recipe, but looks (and tastes) way fancier. I couldn't decide the easiest way to do the recipe, so I made it for 4 servings. The directions are for creating 1 white wing and you would repeat those instructions 4 times. Hope that makes sense!

Also, there was one more thing I left off. We had wooden skewers laying around and Duck Dude broke them in half and stuck them all the way through the white wing just to make sure they held together on the grill. 

I really like this recipe because I also think it would be fun for younger kids to make their own! Get everyone involved in the dinner process! As always, I'm sure there are many more things you could add to this recipe to make it your own! Go for it and just let me know! Happy Wednesday!

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