Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baylor Beauty

Last night, my mom and I got a little crazy. We made a random, middle of the week road trip to Waco!!! My blonde was participating in a beauty pageant of sorts... and we were NOT going to miss it! Mom drove like a NASCAR driver down there saying, "My baby's in a pageant!!!" And I, of course, took notes so I could scribe them here today and remember them forever!

We met my girl cousin who is also at Baylor and headed there... my boy cousin at Baylor said, "I REFUSE to go to a pageant".... or something like that. (he showed up after for a picture so we forgive him) Then we did a wonderful job wrapping our flowers for our Lil Bit..... can you guess which one is ours?? Hint: not the pink one.

First up, casual wear. During this time the announcer was saying a little blurb about each girl, including their "hobbies and activities." There were several times when I had to pinch myself to keep from laughing. 
"Enjoys rhinestoning her own twirler uniforms."
"Enjoys painting, drawing, and friendship."
"She likes to visit the Critters Exotic pet store."
Also, trying to watch the "enjoys hunting, fly fishing, and camping" girl try to walk in her heels!! 
Insert crying/laughing emoji here. 
Caroline, of course, looked beautiful.. minus a small fist pump when they said she was FIJI sweetheart. 
Work it
Next up, formal and a question. After 60% (literally 60 percent.. I calculated it), of the freshman and sophomores started their question with "Umm...." I texted Caroline and said "DON'T YOU DARE START WITH UM!!!!"
Caroline walks over to the mic and hear this question, "Caroline, Tell us about your time interning with ESPN Central Texas and how this experience has prepared you for your future career in sports broadcasting."
At this point I'm like yes! She gets to talk about sports... she's got this. No world peace. Just sports. Don't start with um!!!!! And here's what she said:

"This past year I have been interning with ESPN Central Texas, and every Friday I participated in the broadcast of highschool football games. So each Friday night we travel to a different high school, and I stood on the sidelines, and I also ended up filming a documentary on high school football and how it impacts Texas because it is such a big part of Texas. So, because I've been through that year of high school football and know how much the players love the coaches and the coaches love the players I'm excited to hopefully get to do that with colleges one day and see the differences between high school and college, and maybe film a documentary on college football"
#nailedit #sheisapro #shedidnotstartwithum #shemightactuallydowellinthisthing #sports

At this point, no one said anything but we were all thinking in our head... hmm. She could actually pull this off? We waited 10 minutes for the judges to tabulate their results and then listened patiently. They began with the freshman. 

I felt nervous. anxious. a little weird that I cared so much. But then, they called her name!!!!!!!!

Caroline was selected as a Baylor Beauty!!!!! And we are so proud of her!! 

She's a real beaut.

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