Monday, April 13, 2015

Rangers, Horses, Neighbors - Oh my!

Y'all. I've been having some serious trouble gettin around here these past couple of days. Grades are due tomorrow, I began a brand new STAAR review today, I have a banquet tonight that I'm speaking at, and I am playing catch up. So, enjoy these pictures from the weekend... because we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! 
I took the day off and we spend from 8:15-2 officially changing my name. I had to sign "Sheridan" twice... and I did my "S" different... twice. One time it kinda looked like a "L". Oops. Then we went to a watching party of the Rangers. And stayed there all night. It was perfect. 
Brunch... with bridesmaid Kristen.. and finding an ex on her Tinder.. which was hilarious!!! Then everyone went to Top Golf while I went home to get my Staar review project set up. Then we went to the horse races/Chris Young concert. We watched old men hit on 17 year olds and laughed....all night long!

The boys making Naked Nick tell a joke.... on the spot!
Church.. softball.. then neighbor dinner! We officially said goodbye to the neighbors two doors down and welcomed the new family that moved in! We have the best neighbors in the world! 

How many days until summer?

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