Tuesday, April 28, 2015

GF Life

Yesterday, I wrote a post about love, today I am writing a break up story. 

I am breaking up with....... gluten..... again.

Some of you might know that from January to the wedding date, I ate gluten free. In those 2 months, I lost 10 pounds and I felt good. 

I knew it would be difficult to eat gluten free on the honeymoon, and Duck Dude and I kind of talked about just having fun during the month of March. We saw a lot of people and ate a lottt of dinners out, and I was not concerned with eating gluten free. 

Now, May 1st is this Friday and I still haven't been eating gluten free. I've put all that weight back on. I feel sluggish. And the biggest difference I notice is the "bumps on my arm"... before the wedding, they were almost gone. Now they are back with a vengeance, and I'm so self-conscious I don't want to wear sleeveless shirts. I'm not really concerned with if people think it's a "fad." It's a way to force myself to eat healthier and it really is not that hard. Meats, fruits, and vegetables. I love all those, but get tempted with the fast and easy processed stuff. For those of you not as familiar with what is and is not gluten.. here's a little help from glutenfree.com.

There are still plenty of unhealthy foods that are gluten free.... take nachos, for example. I am realllly good at eating nachos and they will definitely still be in my diet, but instead of eating the flour tortillas with butter for an appetizer, I will be asking for corn tortillas. 

Here's an infographic for just a low-carb diet:
Weight loss - my body has already proven that once. When I'm at a point in my life where I am really experiencing a metabolism slow down for the first time ever, this is good. Remember those bumps on my arm? I believe that is an auto-immune thing. Need more proof? My sister who has vitiligo (an auto-immune disease) has seen a substantial difference with her white spots filling in with pigment after she went gluten-free. Dental health? Excellent. I hate the dentist. 

And, of course, pinterest is an excellent resource for cooking gluten free meals... however, as I continue on with gluten free I am hoping to be able to learn those little tweaks I can make to some of our favorite meals that are not gluten free right now. 

What do you think about gluten free? Do you think you could do it? 

Until next time, #glutenfree #gflife


  1. I have been gluten free on and off for a couple of years and every time I start eating it again I gain weight and feel terrible. It is amazing how much more energy I have without it! You're inspiring me to clean up my act again!

    1. I know!!! I had no idea what a difference it was really making until I started eating again!! Good luck!! Share any recipes that are your favs.. I'd love to know!!