Thursday, April 2, 2015

2nd Favorite Beauty Product

IT HAS BEEN FOUND!!!! The teasing brush has been found!!! And I screamed for joy!!!!!!
 See!!! Screamed!! And took embarrassing pictures... but I don't even care!!!!
 And then I cried for JOY!!!! Because I was so happy and I didn't have to buy an "amped up" brush.
And then I kissed it and promised I would never, ever lose it again. Like, ever.
 **how to achieve the look in the above pictures.  Work with hormonal 13 year olds all day on Apirl Fool's Day... coach track outside as a storm is blowing in.. get to leave track early because the lightening detector went off. 

Anyway... on to the real beauty part of this post. Today I'm being a beauty blogger. If it's not evident from the pictures above. And while it is the day after April Fool's Day... this really is no joke. 

I have found an awesome beauty product. Nothing could ever be better than my precious teasing brush, so that's why it's titled... "2nd Favorite Beauty Product." 

I've never been a lip gloss person. I've never been a lipstick person. But then I see people with color on their lips and I get so envious. It looks so good. It adds to their outfit so much. And I have finally found what works for me. 

It is a lip stain. Revlon Colorstay Overtime to be exact. 
The color part is the stain. And you have to be really careful when you put it on. Don't mess up or it will stain your skin.... as in.. don't try and do it in the car on the way to your rehearsal dinner. Bad idea. Let it dry for a minute... then, if you want you can put the gloss over it! If you don't want the gloss, then it is more of a matte look! 

I was so unsure of it all to begin with.. but I kissed Duck Dude and his lips didn't change colors, I drank from my wine glass without leaving a big pink mark, and if you don't wash your face you wake up with real pretty lips (I believe this is how Brit accomplished her lips on the Bachelor).

Of course Revlon has a million and one colors that I neeeeeed. 

But right now my absolute favorites (only three that I have) are "perennial plum", "neverending nude", and "everlasting rum". 

And now you know all my beauty secrets. Big hair and lip color.