Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Details

My pictures are being uploaded as we speak!!!! 

Over 2400 of them!!! So if you need me for the next 4 weeks, I will be looking at pictures.

I am seriously so excited and can't wait to look at them over and over again. 

Yesterday was our one month anniversary and my wonderful husband thought he was going to be out of town. So, he had flowers delivered to the house... but then he came back into town last night... and so we got to spend the night together!!! It was the best! 

One of the folders that I love so far is the "details" folder. I love details. They are so little but can make a huge difference!! I let my photographer have everything while we got ready, so I really didn't know what pictures she took.. so I was surprised looking at all of them! They are incredible! I cannot wait to see the rest! 

For anyone who doesn't know... Dallas got 6 inches of snow 2 days before our wedding. Which is absolutely unheard of.... then the Sunday after our wedding it started raining and we hear it rained pretty much the whole next week. But sandwiched in between those days was our wedding day and we had a beautiful.. high of 60.. sunshine shining.. still a little snow on the ground... beeeeautiful day. I know no other reason than there were a whole lot of people praying for that day for a long time, and I am extremely thankful. 

 I really love how sometimes you can tell my dress is blush and sometimes you cannot! 

 Using a hashtag might be one of those things you're unsure of.... do it!! Is it trendy? Yes... Who cares!!! It was so much fun to go and look at everyone's pictures from the night! (hint: put one of these in the girls bathroom as well... everyone will see it there!)

See that snow on the ground? It was incredible.

 My garters, earrings, and wedding band all my the braided mink I was loaned! Insert heart eyes emoji now.
 My photographer texted me this picture yesterday and I immediately deemed it one of my favorites. Look how awesome that is. My mom's response was "I love her vision."

 Snow. We were all a little obsessed with it... not sure what to do with it... but I love that all white picture with our rings. Like a diamond in the rough.

The details matter and I am so thankful to my photographer for capturing these photos. I love them. 


  1. Details make the whole day! And what a gorgeous day you had! It looked perfect for a wedding!

    1. It really was! We spent most of the morning just hanging out outside, which was relaxing for all of us! It was gorgeous!!

  2. The details are one of the sweetest parts. You really see the vision you planned for your big day come to life. It's incredible that it snowed just 4 days before! What a blessing, gives me faith that the prayers for our wedding will work ;)

  3. 2400 pictures?! So jealous. We had a similar weather situation too.. 75 and sunny on December 28th =)

  4. Oh gosh, I love the flowers and especially the boot photo! Crazy you had snow just before! Similarly we had the hottest day in September in years! We had a hashtag too and I loved it!

  5. I agree I definitely think the details make the day even better. The boot picture is gorgeous and I love the rings in your bouquet. And that instagram sign in the girls bathroom is genius, I seriously just wrote it down to remember.

  6. Detail photos are my favorite, too!! I was in Dallas a few weeks ago, and they were telling us all about the snow - crazy! The rings in snow photo is definitely my favorite, and your dress hanging is so beautiful, too. Thanks so much for linking up this week - can't wait to see more of those 2400 over the coming weeks :)